Play Zelda: A link Between Worlds!


Hi Harperlink here. I just beat The legend of Zelda:a Link Between Worlds and it was a rough experience for me. When I got the game I was so excited because I have played Zelda games in the past and so I knew it would be a real treat to play. I had a hunch […]

Back in the Saddle

  Oh how I love gaming! Yes I have some history in this life. People, things and events come and go. For good or ill time clicks by and yet of all things there has really only been two things that have followed me since memory starts; music and gaming. Music has a long storied […]

World Builder #2

World Builder

Wow, almost three weeks since my last post! That’s almost a record; but it’s not. The main culprit behind the posting lag is Kingdoms of Amalur. Okay really it’s me, but that’s where I have been in between gaming nights and FB games. But no longer! Here for your perusal is the second post in […]

Kingdoms of Amalur Beats Skyrim


Yeah I said it. Never thought I would but I did. When The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (ESS) released, I thought the gaming gods had accomplished their pinnacle and broke all the RPG molds. However a few months ago I had also caught wind of another open world RPG called Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (KoAR). I heard about […]

World Builder

The time has come. No more putting it off. It scares me, excites me and humbles me all in the same instant. But it’s time to get it started. I want to build my own custom world for gaming. And I also want to share how I do that with an audience. Heck I dont […]

Got Dice?

Anything for the game right? No? Sorry you’re on the wrong blog. Yes? Then you should click through to Awesome Dice. It’s website is cool to start. But add to it the fact that one of their authors has developed a new dice roller that can be used with ANY wordpress blog and you have […]

Funny Hell

Here’s a fun little diddy I would like to share with you. Funny Hell is a new app from the folks Bulkypix and Fazen. Hailing from both San Francisco, USA and Paris, France; they shout to an international audience. Let’s see if they can be heard. Now I have actually been on the hunt for […]

World Builder

Funny how things change quickly. I have been working on Campaign Clay. Fiercely trying to research all the campaign goodness our friends at Paizo have provided with their Golarion world. Really they have done a great job creating, detailing and publishing the campaign setting and I like it a lot. But as was noted by […]

Campaign Clay: 2 – Who, What, Where and When

Welcome back to another installment of Campaign Clay. I am having a lot of fun turning my brain cogs over this feature. For me, there is no greater game fulfillment than game mastering. From inception to actual game play, it’s what I love about RPGs. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be a player […]

Campaign Clay: 1 – Beginnings

Campaign Clay: 1 – Beginnings Welcome to the first installment of Campaign Clay A semi-regular feature that will explore the building of a new campaign within your game world using The Pathfinder RPG rules. My wife showed a desire to play a one on one game and I thought this forum would serve as a […]