Read an RPG Book in Public

Read an RPG Book in Public

Those of you who know me are aware that I absolutely HATE going out in public. Why? Who cares, I just do. But the week of March 4th, I am going to hoist the rock off my world and crawl out of my shell. At least for a short time. Because there is a movement gaining momentum for the Read an RPG Book in Public Week. The seed was planted over at The Escapist and I think it is good to get behind this. As a child of the 70’s, I have been persecuted as a devil worshiper, a nerd, dork, weirdo…heck the list goes on and on. We are just now, in the last ten years or so, emerging in a society that sees the true worth of what we gamers do. They are realizing  the hobby of choice for us is both provocative and wholly fulfilling. It encompasses all aspects of my life and has given me the outlet that my talents were built for.

I am not going to go into great detail of how it works. The title kinda sums it up nicely. But I do encourage you to click the linky up top to get full details. So grab your Pathfinder Core book, M&M Manual, D&D rule book or whatever table-top, pen and paper RPG book you use and cruise on down to the local library, Starbucks or wherever the masses are present and start reading. You never know. It may just lead to a new player or friend. At the very least it will continue to help cast aside the veil of darkness that has covered our hobby for too many years. REPRESENT!!


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